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"Can I get a download ....."

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"Can I get a download of all my images?"

This is a question that is becoming more and more asked.  My answer has been, "Sure, no problem!"  This is going to come to an end with something that happened today 11-30-2104.

I put up all my images on my gallery site.  My awesome clients go there and look at their images and love them.  Then the question appears and I deliver the above statement.  "Sure, No Problem!"  Here is the problem though.  I end up in the red if I keep doing this and while I am passionate about your images and I want you to have them, I need to stay in business to do so.

So whats the answer?  Well here is what I was thinking...If you purchase an 8x10 or larger, I will give you a digital download of all your images.  If you don't want to purchase an image, the download of all your images will cost $15.00 for a Low Res Gallery and $25.00 for the original gallery.  So you purchase an 8x10 or larger well the 8x10 will cost you $10.00 and you get a gallery delivered to you either UPS or US Mail for free.  If you live in the Northwest Indiana or Chicago Downtown Area, there is possibility of hand delivery.

I don't know if this is the answer but if keep giving out the images on thumb drive (which costs me for the drive) and keep paying for the hosting site so you may view your images,  I cannot afford to stay in business.  

Want to know my base costs...Well the Website is $192.00 per year and the Gallery Site is $300.00 per year.  There is $492.00 without a camera or any gas or any batteries etc.  Something had to give as I cannot afford to keep giving my photos away.  This so so so pains me to have to do this but like I said, I don't know what my other options are?  I was not a business major in College so I make mistakes in this environment.  This may be a mistake and well, I may change my mind if it is, I can do that.  I have to do something...

While not to point fingers, single out or should anyone think this is about them...it is not.  End of that story.  This is just an explanation about what is going to happen with business aspects on Midnight Images.

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